Programs For Creating Comics and Manga

With mixed mediums, there are countless ways to create your comics. Here are some of the popular ways some online comic creators make their comics.

Traditional Option:

As common as it is to create comics using digital programs, it is still common to create comics the old fashion way, by putting pencil to paper, inking and then coloring.

After coloring, artists will scan their comics into the computer. From here they can upload to photoshop or some other image editor and tweak the image to the desired saturation.

Online Programs:

Marvel’s Create Your Own Comic, ToonDoo, Comic Master and Pixton are some of the best well known cites for creating online comics. Each of these programs provide an assortment of characters, panel layouts, backgrounds and more.

If you aren’t confident in your drawing skills, but still want to create comics, the websites below are a great resource.

Marvel’s Create Your Own Comic




Comic Master




Other Programs:

Manga Studio, Adobe, and Gimp are best known for their illustration tools, file formats and features that adapt well online and for creating comics.


(Formally Manga Studio)


The Manga Studio series makes into the top three of every comic creating software list out on the web, and for good reason. This programs comes with a huge variety of markers, paints, pencils, air brushes and shading tools. You have options such as, creating your own brushes, blending colors and speed lines.

Manga Studio lets you upload work from different programs, create superheroes, and incredible backgrounds. It also has a 3D option, which allows buildings to appear to come out of the page.

Adobe Creative Cloud

Adobe is going to be the most common program that online comic creators use. Any comic book artists looking to work for Marvel, will want to get to know this program inside and out because it is Marvel Comics industry standard.

Adobe also always user’s access to create and design from any computer, smartphone or tablet that has the program installed.

Adobe has a strong following, and youtube offers unlimited amounts of tutorials for special effects and instruction.



GIMP is the lesser of the two programs mentioned above, however, it is 100% free. Most beginners will struggle with its format, but many artists have created great art from this software.

GIMP does have a small following that offer help online with a quick-start guide and youtube tutorials from its’ users.



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