Hosting Your Webcomic or Manga

Depending on whether you wish to market your comic and gain revenue for it or if you are creating the comic for fun, here are some popular hosting platforms for comics.


Tumblr is a very popular hosting site and it’s free. It makes for fast posting and easy reblogging and sharing of your comics. The site offer hundred of customizable themes. And the community loves supporting art and comics.

However, earning commissions on Tumblr can be difficult because you have to build a following in the community and then work with obtaining traffic and ads through an AdSence on your Tumblr page.

Tumblr has a tricky copyright policy, which does allow for redistribution or sharing of your image without creator permission. Please be sure to read and agree with Tumblr’s copyright policy before you begin posting your comics there.


WordPress has two websites for hosting: and is the free option and both offer hundreds of themes and editable HTML., but offers more space, themes, customizations and more chances for affiliates and sponsored posts.

WordPress has so many options available to users that many feel that to use the website is overwhelming. The more you want to customize your blog, the more code you will need to know and the more time you will spend on your site.

However, about 75 million websites are hosted on WordPress and worth serious consideration if you wish to grow your comic into a brand.

Wpbeginner wrote a good pros and cons list for both and


LINE Webtoons is probably the most versatile website to post your comic. If you want to get advertised, make money and want people across different platforms to read your comic, LINE is the way to go.

LINE Webtoons has a website and an app that your comic gets displayed on that pays you through ad revenue and reader views. The most popular comic creators (“pros”) get paid sustainable salaries and get tons of exposure and get promoted by LINE. However, after you become a “pro” LINE requires that your comic only be posted on their site.

LINE Webtoons users say the website is easy to navigate, easy to upload to and fair in revenues.


Tapastic is an online comics and app similar to LINE Webtoons. Tapastic pays creators through ad revenue and reader views but it does not advertise comics and creators as much as LINE does. However, Tapastic users argue that Tapastic has a better community than LINE users.

Comic creators on Tapastic can get sustainable salaries but you have to expand your audience and exposure yourself instead of relying on Tapastic.

Make Webcomics has a more detailed list of additional online comic websites with basic descriptions and charts on their webpage.



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