Schools and Tutorials for Making Comics



There is no right or wrong way to go about creating online comics. The title for this blog series is “I Draw What I Want” because as an online creator, I don’t have editors or a company telling what I can or can’t put into my comic. I literally get to draw what I want.

That being said, in today’s world, you are expected to go to college and further your education for your future career. There are very few colleges that provide quality schooling for manga and comic book creating.


The only college I would recommend 100% is CalArts. And even CalArts does not have a program designed for comic books and manga alone. What they do provide is degrees and minors in illustration, graphic design, animation and creative writing. CalArts also internships and job placement to companies such as Nickelodeon, Disney and other animation studios.

CalArts is incredibly competitive and can be compared to trying to get into Harvard or Yale. If you want to learn more, visit their website.

Other college like The Arts Institute and Full Sail receive mixed reviews. This is because they are considered “trade” schools. Meaning you will have a certificate and not a degree in what you graduate at their college.

Mycollegeguide offers a great detailed description of the differences between traditional colleges and trade schools here.


Art Classes

In my honest opinion, you do not need a college degree or certificate for creating comics. What you do need is formal training in art. Obtaining formal training is as easy as taking an art class at a community college or art museum near you and it’s cheaper. Take classes that focus on depth perception (for buildings) and classes on human form. After that, it’s practice, practice, practice. Until you’ve honed your skills and draw what and how you want to.

images (3)


After you’ve had the basic formal training, decide how you want to create your comics. Then find corresponding videos on YouTube that will further your education for FREE.

When I first started making comics, I made them in a similar fashion to Texan in Tokyo, with a sketch pad and scanner. Today, I make my comics on Photoshop and YouTube is an excellent resource.

Here are some hand drawn manga/comic book artist YouTube tutorial videos I recommend:

Mark Crilley


Mark Crilley’s comic book tutorial is located here.

Salgood Sam


Salgood Sam runs the blog Making Comics that offers YouTube tutorials here.

Here Some Photoshop tutorials I recommend:



LavenderTowne makes comics for Tapastic, check out her comic here.

Smith Micro Graphics


Smith Micro Graphics, creators of Manga Studio have tutorials on YouTube.


Books are good references for style and format. They are also written by publish professionals and offer advice on gaining better skills.


Jason Brubaker, author of reMIND, writes a blog series called Making Comics about creating comics, which includes drawing and design. He also has a book titled Unnatural Talent which contains more detailed information and can be purchased on Amazon
If you’re hurting for cash, you can find the most popular titles on Creating Comics or Creating Manga at your local library!


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