Scheduling Comic Posts

 Creating A Schedule For Your Comic Posts

This post will break down and go over creating a successful schedule for posting your webcomics.


You might ask, why does my scheduling matter?

Scheduling regular posts for your comic matters for several reasons. For one, humans are a creatures of habit. We like consistency. Therefore, scheduling your webcomics is similar to scheduling blog posts: You need to be consistent.

The consistency lets your audience know you are still invested in your work. There is nothing worse in the online universe than an abandoned, unfinished or “on-hiatus” project. This is why even youtubers have tags or banners that list their new video days. (Sharmander banner)

Your fans will faithfully check for updates, and knowing when those updates occur will help build a following.

Even if you decide to abandon a project, please let your audience know you do not intend to finish it!

Before you consider posting your webcomic, plan a posting schedule. How many times in a week can you handle posting an update each month?

Be sure to underestimate your ability instead of overestimating!

Overestimating your ability could lead to unnecessary pressure and anger at YOURSELF for not being able to keep a consistent schedule which will lead you into further delaying your work and then losing passion for it and finally, you’ll abandon it.

I work and attend college full time made me consider weekly or biweekly updates for my comic because of the amount of time I would have to spend on it. I settled with biweekly updates because my previous experience with online writing made me realise the difficulty I had with being consistent in updating weekly.

Depending on the quality and details of your webcomic, I would suggest sticking to a weekly or biweekly schedule. Any longer than that could make your viewers feel like the story isn’t moving fast enough (especially when you’re first beginning and you only have 2 pages up).

Picking your days to post throughout the week:

Your platform may also influence what day or how often you post. For example, according to Rachel Gillet in her article The Best (And Worst) Times To Post On Social Media (Infographic), Tumblr users are most active after 7pm on weekends. Therefore, I post my comics around 7-8pm on Fridays. This increases my webcomics chance of being seen and shared in the Tumblr community.


Most platforms have a scheduling option that allows users to upload comics and blogs in advance and schedules them to be published at a later time selected by the user.



Tapastic forums recommend posting 2-3 times a week to gain followers, but believe once a week can gain a following if you’re self promoting enough. They also argue that quality does beat out quantity when posting. Therefore, if you feel that post 2-3 times a week is affecting your comic negatively, then post only once a week or once every two weeks.

Be Several Posts Ahead of Yourself

Try and be 3-4 pages ahead of your posting schedule so your not rushing to meet your scheduled deadline. Or be sure to have a backup plan if you happen to miss your scheduled deadline.

For example, I try and be 1-2 comics ahead of my post. However, on the off chance that I had no recent inspirational stories for my comic, I have most of the characters and panels saved in different poses and positions. That way, all I have to do is quickly place my characters into a panel and post.


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