Inspiration And Motivation For Comics And Manga

Finding the motivation and inspiration to finish your comics is going to be one of your biggest challenges. Here are some tips, tricks and ideas that help motivate and inspire you!

Keep A Schedule


Just like keeping a schedule when posting your comics, you want to keep a schedule when it comes to drawing. This is especially important if you want to improve your drawing skills because you can’t improve your skills if you’re not practicing.

One way to stay motivated by keeping a schedule is your deadline. Your deadlines are powerful motivators because the deadlines are dates of which you promised your audience that you will have your next post. Even if you are just beginning, treat your comic and your deadlines as if you are letting hundreds of people down instead of believing no one is reading your comics.

Even writers, keep strict schedules. Stephen King wrote in “On Writing: A Memoir of the Craft” that writers (and creators) need to keep strict hours. If you draw best at night, then set aside AT LEAST ONE HOUR to each night to drawing. If you draw best during the day, be prepared to wake up earlier and make time into your morning routine to draw during the day; again FOR AT LEAST ONE HOUR.

And if you are on a roll, KEEP DRAWING/WRITING.

If you are tech-savvy, keep a schedule on your phone. If you need something more visual than your phone, think about keeping a planner or a wall calendar with all of your deadlines and reminders to draw.

For more information on how to keep a schedule, visit my other article “Scheduling Comic Posts“.

Look At Other People’s Work

This is the most common advice given to all kinds of artists. Look at art and comics inside and outside the genres you are currently working in.

Look at similar comics to see what others have done before you. Look at comics in other genres to see what they did and see if you can work that into your piece.

You can go out to your local comic book store and buy comics there and research them. Or you can check out comics at Taptastic, or LINE Webtoons. Or you can go to youtube and see what others have done.

For example, my comic style was inspired by Texan in Tokyo. However, I have been inspired by watercolor paintings on youtube and various anime.

I have found inspiration and motivation from watching the following Youtube videos:

Mark Crilley “Getting Inspired & Staying Motivated: 12 Tips to Help You”

Juicy Ink “How To Stay Motivated”


CNN’S Interview with Stan Lee “Comic inspiration from China, India”


BBC’S “Manga Artist Haijime Isayama Reveals His Inspiration”



If all of these don’t work when it comes to motivating or inspiring you, try:

Sharing What You’ve Made

If I am having a hard time thinking of new concepts or am unsure if a comic is funny, I share it with my brother, my sister and my best friend. They are the main target audience for my comics, so I share the comic with them before the release date to get feedback or ideas. Since I draw my comics for them, I trust their feedback.

However, if you are uncomfortable with sharing your comics with friends or family, you can always share your ideas or work on Tumblr or DeviantArt and ask for feedback. Sharing your work is a way to find a community of other comic book and manga artists with similar drawing or story ideas.



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