Gaining Views For Manga And Webcomics

Here are some tips on how to bring more traffic and viewers to your manga and webcomic.

Keep A Schedule

Am I sounding repetitive yet? If you haven’t started up a schedule for your comic by now, you better start.

Keeping a schedule will Scheduling regular posts for your comic matters for several reasons. For one, humans are a creatures of habit. We like consistency. Therefore, scheduling your webcomics is similar to scheduling blog posts: You need to be consistent.

If you want ideas on how to keep a schedule for your comics, read my article, “Scheduling Comic Posts”.

Subscription/Follow Button


WordPress Subscription Button

Remind everyone that you have a subscription button. This is the best way for everyone to get your updates.


Tumblr’s Subscription/Follow Button

Depending on your web platform you may need to find a widget to put a subscription button. For Tumblr, Tapastic, Line Webtoon, and WordPress have subscription buttons already embedded in the webpage.


Tapastic’s Subscription/Follow Button

Social Networking


Your biggest advocate for your webcomics is going to be you. To gain an audience, you have to sell yourself as someone who is invested and interested in your comic. The best way to do this is to create a social media page and talk about your comic!

When using the social media sites, you will want to update either frequently or on a set schedule.h0fvargheeyaybm4oyyt

The two biggest social media sites that will help you promote your comic or manga are Facebook and Twitter. If you aren’t a big social media person, then pick one of the two social media sites that you are most comfortable with and dedicate yourself to using that sites. Be sure you link your comic to your social media, and you link your social media to your comic.

Google Analytics


Google Analytics shows you how many people read your webcomic, how long they’ve stayed on your site, what type of device they used to look at your webcomic, what state they’re from, and can show you where most of your online traffic comes from.

Google Analytics can provide you with statistics that will help you determine if you should attend a comic convention, if you need to post more on social media, and other ways for marketing your webcomic.

If you want to learn more about how to utilize Google Analytics, MakingComics wrote a in depth article on how to navigate and use Google Analytics called, “HOW GOOGLE ANALYTICS CAN HELP YOU MARKET YOUR WEBCOMIC”. 

Comments and Emails

Check your email and comments sections for your comic/manga at least 2 times a day, AND RESPOND TO EVERY ONE! You don’t have to respond with long or thoughtful comment, just a “Thanks for reading!” or other short responses that let the readers know you want to engage with them.

Responding to a comment or email from a reader encourages other to comment or email when they notice that you are having conversations with others. Eventually, you will get lots of comments and emails and won’t be able to respond as often, but fans will be more forgiving. Until then respond to everyone!

Participate in Forums and Other People’s Webcomics

The more active you are in the webcomic/manga in the webcomic and manga community the more followers will become curious about your work. The webcomic and manga community is always looking for new content to dive into, and if you can make your voice heard, you can peak people’s interest.

Forums are a great place to ask questions, give answers or share ideas. Jason Brubaker, author of reMIND, has an excellent list of forums that you should be apart of! Visit that list here

Find webcomics or manga online that are of a similar genre to yours. Contribute to the conversation in their comments section with something thoughtful or intelligent. Ask your own questions or offer answers to other people’s questions in the comments of their webcomic or manga. The more involved you appear the more people will follow you to your own comic.


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