Publishing Comics And Manga

With the boom of the internet there is almost limitless ways to publish your webcomic or manga without having to submit your comic or manga to a manga or comic book book company.

However, there are so many different ways to publish a webcomic or manga, that it can be overwhelming. But, in some cases, it is easier than you think to publish your work.

One way to publish your work, is by posting it online. The most popular way to publish online is WordPress, Tapastic, and Line Webtoon. If you want to go further than just publishing on these websites and want to dabbling in getting your work printed, then here are some ways other creators have printed their comics and manga.

Before publishing your book online, you will want to purchase an ISBN and bar code. These will be explained later.



Both Jason Brubaker (author of reMIND) and Grace Mineta (author of the Texan and Tokyo Series) both published their comics on Amazon.

Comic book store owners admit that trying to convince shop owners to sell a hardbound comic and manga books by a “no name” artist/writer at a store. Amazon is a great place to look into for publishing because of its audience. Most people buy and download books from Amazon, anyways.

The downside to publishing and printing through Amazon is that they take 55% of your cover price. (Remember that most distributors can take up to 60% of your cover price, so Amazon isn’t making outrageous claims). Even though the cover price seems high now, remember that Amazon goes above and beyond other distributors by doing the packaging, shipping and returns.

Print On Demand (POD)


Amazon owns CreateSpace which is a print on demand service for books, comic books and manga. Since CreateSpace is owned by Amazon, it follows a lot of the same rules as publishing on Amazon.


Another print on demand service for comics is Ka-Blam. Ka-blam also provides a POD service for comics. They specialized in trade paperbacks but do hard bound books too. They also offer discounts if you let them include ads in your comic for their service.

Recommended Print On Demand companies for manga are Lulu, cafepress, and doujinpress. All three of these companies are recommended inside of the independent manga creating circles.

If you want to submit your work to an American Manga Publishing Company, try:


DarkHorse is accepting art samples and story proposal. They also have a guide list and helpful tips on how to submit your sample or proposal to them. Dark Horse offers portfolio reviews at conventions as well. They are a great source for professional reviews and critique on your work to improve it.


If you want to submit your work to a Comic Book Publishing Company, here are some things you should know:

At this point in time, Marvel and DC are not accepting submissions on any ideas, creative suggestions, artwork, designs, game proposals, scripts, manuscripts, or similar material unless they have specifically requested it from you. DO NOT ignore their request and submit to them anyway, it will be thrown away.


Image Comics, however, is “actively seeking new talent—writers and artists alike—to join the creator-owned family”. If you want to submit your work to Image Comics then be sure to follow their guidelines about how to submit in your proposal/comic in the format they prefer. They have detailed description of their submission requirements on their submissions pages.

Did you know that there are grants for making comic books? Learn more from this article by Jason Brubaker. 

Also, I would recommend the video Grace did on a quick guide on how to work with publishing on Amazon.

Grace also did a video of the Top 6 Mistakes People Who Self Publish Make


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