On October 31, 2015 I worked up the courage to begin my bi-weekly series MOC Comics, that I write for fun. The series follows fun and awkward real life situations that have happened to or around me.

I use Adobe Creative Cloud for my comics, because of Adobe’s multi-platform abilities, its monthly payment plan and its simplistic layout. Before I began using Adobe Creative Cloud, I used to hand draw my comics on a sketch pad.

Creating comics can be a difficult process and time consuming even if you have a partner. I had problems with creativity, time management and gathering the courage to show my work and had to learn how to overcome them.

Due to my struggle with beginning the series, I started this blog with the desire to encourage and help beginner comic book artists to begin their journey with tools and ideas for writing, drawing and creating comics or manga.

I hope to help my readers work through story boarding, character creation, platforms, and provide other resources and recommendations for readers.

Check out my comic series: MOC Comics at http://cherishlarain.tumblr.com/

If you have any questions or ideas or other comic related information to share, feel free to can be contact me here.